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One of the main reasons why your competition’s expansion is more rapid than yours is they have additional avenues to attract more clients. Step one is to conduct research and learn how much money your competitor is siphoning from your own business. Go to Goggle and type in a keyword you believe is likely receiving heavy traffic. The top three keywords you come up with are usually the ones that are getting tons of traffic and conversions, and therefore getting more sales in the process.


Nearly everyone uses the internet to do research; whether it be to find a local restaurant, hair salon or other business. It is essential to make sure that your business is visible on the internet by “dominating” the first page of Google for a heavy traffic keyword; or for your own set of distinct keywords. Helping your customers find your service is paramount and by putting your website on the first page of search engines ensures that your business will always be an option on their minds. After all, who want to scroll through pages of results?


We make sure that you understand all of the many things we are doing to help your business attract new clientele. We will maintain an open and honest discussion with you, address your concerns and help you achieve success.

Online Marketing Domination

Market domination is such a strong word that some people think it’s impossible to do in real life. We make it possible! We understand how Google works, and will ensure you actually dominate your competition on the search engine by having your website all over on the first page. The first step to online market domination is to ask yourself: are your competitors getting all the business in your area by occupying all the spaces of the first page? If yes, then you need to act fast! Losing online traffic does not only give your competition a huge advantage, but also affects your sales! You could have gotten those people to do business with you IF only you had your website on the first page of Google!

It’s a fact that you will get extra business if your website is ranked well on Google, but it’s also a fact that there’s a lot of people who claim that they can rank your website pretty well. The reality is that they do not know the secrets we do. You should be careful when dealing with people that promises these things and do not have any evidence to support their claims!

What we are saying is, having your website on the first page of Google will help your business. If you have heard of business owners saying that SEO has not benefited their business, they must have done something wrong (not ranking well on good traffic keywords) and wasn’t able to fully harness the enormous amount of traffic of Google. Did you know Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second? That’s a lot of traffic!

On the Internet, Traffic is king and the best way to get traffic is to have good rankings on the search engines! Traffic can expand your business by spreading your brand and therefore directly contributing to sales. Furthermore, occupying the first spot on the search engine is a sure way to add additional authority to your business. People would rather choose a high authority (high ranking) website than a website that is on the 5th page of the search engine.

You would probably think of all of these will cost you an arm and a leg. You can actually do SEO on your own and be done with it, since there’s a lot of information about it on the web already. But the question is, will you be able to achieve the same result as a professional SEO specialist? Will you have the time to do it correctly? A lot of the information you will find on the web about search engine optimization is basic stuff and does not touch on the more complex ideas on how to rank properly. You also need to make sure that the information is not obsolete. Google updates its search engine algorithm often and some techniques that worked for you last month will not work after the update. Google needs to update their own algorithm in order to keep up with all the new technology. An example would be the latest “mobilegeddon” update. It’s an update on their algorithm that makes websites that properly display their content on a mobile device rank better than websites that are not compliant.

All in all, it’s better to outsource your search engine optimization to a company that specializes in it to save time and to avoid the headache of keeping up with the Google algorithm updates.

Choosing the right company to do your search engine optimization is important. Like we said before, there are a lot of people who claim they can rank your website with no proof that they can. It’s not easy to rank a website, especially if your targeting keywords that have a lot of traffic; there’s a good chance that other business are spending a lot of money to rank on them as well. Choose an SEO company that has a track record of dominating the first page of search engine. Act now before your competition finds us and gets a head start on ranking!


Most business owners do not have a clue what search engine optimization is or how the search engines work. Many do not know or understand the incredible amount of traffic on the internet or the number of people searching for their services! Let us show you how to dominate your market and wave a flag to get more customers into your business.

Don’t let your competition get all the traffic and sales by staying idle! Ignoring the fact that search engines do give your business a boost is like sending straight to your competition. Contact us now so that we can discuss how to dominate your niche and get the best out of the search engine. We will not only rank your website, but also your social media page, youtube videos and your business profile page!

You are here on this site for a reason; to boost your online presence using SEO. You want the best for your business, for your company, your team and your family. You owe it to your self to have the best service possible and to rank well in your local area. Call us now and see how could help you out with your business.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art of ranking a website on the first page of a search engine either organically, paid traffic and locally. It combines the factors of your website’s backlinks, social signals, citations and the overall relevance and the trust score of your website. Ranking your website is a complex and time consuming process. We make sure that his process is seamless as possible and will net you positive results


Reputation management is the process of actively managing your online presence to avoid negative feedback and to increase the chance of people leaving a positive review of your services and products on review sites throughout the internet. You do the sales and we will do the after sales. Having a positive reputation on the net leaves a positive impact on your business since people will be more inclined to use your service!


Website design is another facet of our company that we are working on these past few years. Creating a website isn’t just all about being pretty. Actually the most desirable trait of a website is to have all the functionality it need to cater to its audience and niche. What we bring to the table is not only beauty but functionality as well. We also provide customized mobile version of your website.


We love social media management because it’s one of those services that can directly impact how your customers feels about your business. We also leverage our social media knowledge to enhance your search engine rankings something other SEO agencies know how to do. We employ the latest techniques on our social media campaigns to make sure that you will only get the best service possible.


If your business is looking for more sales and customer in the Westchester area, we got your back. Westchester NY SEO specializes in bringing in extra business either locally or organically.

We have been in business for more than 10 years and we have expanded our knowledge on search engine optimization, reputation management, web design and social media management.

We are always on the hunt for new techniques and new technology in order to deliver the best results possible for our customers.

Don’t invest your hard earned income into shady companies that does not have any idea how to run a successful search engine optimization by employing low quality techniques and practices. We know what we are doing and we love what we do!


What we do first is to look into a website’s link building history and go from there. If you don’t have a website, then we will offer our web design package and start from scratch. furthermore, we will also look into the on page optimization of your website and see if it sticks with Google’s webmaster guidelines, we don’t want any penalties.

Once we have the website set up, we will begin creating the citations and the social profiles, if you have none. We have deep knowledge on citation building and we will make sure that your website will only be linked from high authority sites. We will also employ our secret and cutting edge techniques in order for you to receive the best possible outcome.


After doing all the dirty work, your new rankings will show in about 3-4 months, 6 months if the competition is tight. If someone promises you to rank you website in less than 3 months, they are either lying, doesn’t know what they are talking about or worst are using black hat techniques that will boost your ranking in the short term but will have adverse effect on your rankings in the long term.

We have seen countless of websites having ranked in just a few weeks and getting removed in the rankings after Google found out that they were using unscrupulous backlinking techniques to boost their ranking. Some of them took years before they could regain their old rankings back.

3 months is the minimum we need in order to rank you site properly while only using white hat techniques. We only use white hat techniques so that your rankings will stay the same for a long time with just minimum maintenance.

Moving Forward

If you think that our value oriented service fits in perfectly with your philosophy or you want to open up additional avenues to increase your sales and brand, feel free to contact us. Here at westchester ny seo, we do our best to have an environment that is a win-win for both us and our clients. We always make sure that our clients are not left in the dark by providing reports that are easy to understand. We make sure that our clients understand what we are doing by explaining the nomenclatures of our services. But all in all, we make sure that our clients get what they pay for, RESULTS!